Commercial Painters & Decorators

Gauci Decorating provides premium quality commercial painting and decorating services in the Northwest. We have years of experience in completing various commercial projects at budget friendly rates.

Our commercial painting services are offered for buildings like light industrial units, flats, offices, schools, shops, light industrial units and National Trust Buildings. You will be happy to see the refreshed look of your commercial property.

We use eco-friendly paints that contain zero VOC so that the impact on the environment and the staff is minimised. Our paints don’t produce harsh odours or fume that usually ruin the day for the people around.

No matter what type of commercial painting project it is, we will plan its décor with you. We also provide a free personalised quote that is centred according to the unique requirements and preferences of people.

Our Commercial Decorating Services

The commercial decorating services which we provide include:

  • Full exterior painting
  • Interior office, retail, warehousing, factory painting
  • Painting of the vertical structures and handling
  • Application of the durable coatings for walls, floors and high wear areas
  • Repairing and replacement of metalwork, woodwork, EIFS, stucco and more
  • Facade sealant replacement
  • Installation of vinyl wall covering

We arrive at the location before the date of appointment to inspect the property. Before starting the commercial project, all the outdoor furniture and fixtures that can get affected due to the painting job are removed. In case the exteriors need repair work before the painting, we take care of that too. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get quality painting services. We use quick dry paints, so after we are done with the painting job, you will be ready to use the space soon.

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