12 Feb 2016

Before you get Gauci Decorating in, do some research into the biggest interior design trends to have emerged this year if you want your home to look cutting edge and beautifully designed. Here are our top three.


Oversize pictures

Wall galleries have long been popular among homeowners looking to prettify their spaces and while these will always have a place, now’s the time to consider going big with your art. Position a huge painting or photograph above your sofa or bed for a truly contemporary look this year that will stand the test of time. Keep the colour of the wall plain and simple so your artwork stands out.


The 70s

If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion world of late you’ll know that the 70s is really back with a vengeance in 2015 – and now it’s extended into our homes as well. Bring in some shag rugs, geometric wallpaper and wood panelling for a great look you’ll love for years.


Go white

The minimalist Scandinavian look has been popular for years and all-white decor seems to show no signs of slowing down. From crisp white full height shutters to minimalist white chairs, everyone is getting on board. However, the trend now is for a cosier interpretation of this particular style so go for a few throw blankets and rustic touches here and there. As long as they’re white, you’re alright.

These are just a few ideas to keep you going. We’d advise that you talk to your Manchester painting contractor before making any decisions as they’ll be able to help you work out what looks best and where.