12 Feb 2016

The new year could be a great time to update your home office with the help of the best painters and decorators Manchester has to offer.

Homeworking has grown in popularity in recent years, with increasing numbers of self-employed people going it alone. Employees were also granted new rights this year to request flexible working, meaning many more people are working from home than ever before.

When planning an update for your home office, consider the following:

  1. Choose your colour

Winters are cold and gloomy, and can be depressing if working alone with little change in scenery. Consider adding pops of bright or even neon colours against trendier neutrals like grey.

  1. Consider the ceiling

Interior designers sometimes refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall. Can you extend colour up there? Can it be a different colour to the other walls? Consider the size of the space. Lighter ceilings will make a room look larger, but brighter and darker colours can give a room a cosy feeling when used on the ceiling.

  1. And the floor

Do you have traditional carpets or can you consider floorboards in your office space? Painted floorboards can brighten a room and give a great vintage look. Bare floorboards can also smarten a space with a more traditional feel.

  1. Think about how you work

Do you have a large desk top you need to accommodate or do you tend to work off a laptop? If you use a laptop you could make the workspace more flexible with a number of seating options. A studio or practical workspace could mean simplifying the furniture you use.

  1. Finishing details

Separate storage for work-related items is a must for most homeworkers. Have a look at fitted shelving options as well as buying freestanding units. There are a number of options available, whatever your budget.