12 Feb 2016

Ask your Manchester painting and decorating team about magnetic wallpaper if you’re redoing your office or if you’re planning to do up your child’s bedroom – it’s the next big thing to sweep the interior design world and could definitely revamp the way you interact with your space.

This kind of wall covering comes with ferrous backers so that high-powered magnets can hold all sorts of items in place – perfect if you’ve got lots of drawings, photos or plans that you want to put on display but are quite keen not to have lots of little holes in your walls.

When it comes to introducing it into your home or workplace, just have a look at the space you’ve got and decide what would work best. You could go for an entire wall or just have a wide strip running from one side to the other in a bright colour, which will look lovely and be highly practical as well.

If you work in a serviced office and the regulations stipulate that you can’t hang anything on the walls, then magnetic wallpaper would also be an obvious choice.

Additionally, if you’re redoing a child’s bedroom having a magnetic strip or a statement wall with this kind of wallpaper would be perfect for bridging the gap between childhood and young adulthood. Younger children will enjoy hanging up their drawings while older ones will be able to put up pictures of their friends and so on without damaging the walls of your home. It’s a win win!