12 Feb 2016

Garage conversions are proving popular among homeowners these days, with new figures revealing that while 61 per cent use this space for storage, 31 per cent have either converted or are thinking about converting it. If this is of interest, why not contact the best providers of painting and decorating Manchester has to offer to see if they can help with the job?

According to figures from The Co-operative Insurance, 42 per cent of people in the UK never park their cars in their garages, so converting this part of the house into something more useful certainly seems like a good idea.

It could even add value to your property, with 60 per cent of those who have completed such a project believing their house is worth more as a result.

“The research clearly demonstrates that garages now have a multitude of uses beyond their original purpose for housing a car,” director of insurance with the organisation James Hillon remarked.

He went on to remind homeowners, however, that given how often garages are used to store possessions, it’s important to make sure that it is secure and that changes are made to home insurance policies to make sure they are covered should damage, theft or loss occur.

This comes after Ocean Finance statistics revealed that 54 per cent of people with their own homes plan to do some renovating this year, with 12 per cent planning to either complete an extension, give their garage a makeover or convert their loft or cellar.