12 Feb 2016

If you’re cursed with working in a north-facing office and are sick of the fact that it doesn’t get enough sunlight, there’s no need to panic – have a chat with the best commercial painters Manchester has available and ask them to give it a lovely new lick of white paint.

The first thing you should ask them to do is paint the ceiling white as this will automatically lift the room, since the colour will bounce any light off it rather than absorbing it. If your decorator suggests that grey would be the way to go, stick to your guns and avoid colder colours – anything yellow or cream-based will help to make the room seem brighter.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – mirrors are one of the best weapons you have in your arsenal when it comes to interior design. Invest in some mirrored furniture or hang a few of them on the walls. Remember that if you hang one opposite the window, any light coming in will be maximised and will help to make the room feel much bigger and a lot brighter indeed.

If you own the building, you could even think about knocking an adjoining wall down to make even more space – although this will probably be unfeasible for a lot of business owners out there. There are much easier ways of brightening up a space without having to resort to sledgehammers, after all.

Whatever you end up doing, just make sure that you seek professional decorating advice first and don’t try to do any of it yourself. You could end up making your working environment worse than it was before!