12 Feb 2016

Not everyone can be blessed with gigantic rooms and endless amounts of space (although it would be nice, wouldn’t it?), but as any commercial painters Manchester has available will tell you, maximising your workplace or home is really easy with just a few interior decorating tricks of the trade.

It could be something as simple as just making sure that your curtains are the same colour as your walls, as this will do a surprising amount when it comes to making your space look bigger. Or you could just make sure that your colour palette is both neutral and light as this will brighten everything up and create the illusion of space quickly.

When it comes to painting, you need to make sure that your colours are uniform so shop for rugs and other fabrics that come in plain shades or very small prints. And, of course, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to hang a few mirrors here and there, as the reflections make a room look much bigger than it actually is.

If you have lots of shelving, perhaps don’t fill them up completely as this can make a small space look quite cluttered. Leave a few gaps here or there and you’ll add to the airy feel of your office or living room.

And finally, if you’ve got quite a low ceiling, think outside the box ever so slightly and paint it in a very bright colour as this will encourage the eye to move upwards when in the room and make it feel as though the ceiling is much higher than it is. Need more ideas? Buzzfeed has a further 19 tips to help you out.