12 Feb 2016

Everyone dabbles in a bit of DIY from time to time, but it might be better to call in the best painter and decorator Manchester has available before you reach for the brushes, as research has revealed that this is in fact one of the most botched jobs that people attempt to do.

According to LV= home insurance, an increasing number of homeowners in the UK are having to call in the professionals in order to repair damage that they themselves have caused by trying to do work they do not have the skills for.

It was seen that one in ten have had to make a home insurance claim because of DIY damage to properties, with the worst jobs emerging as tiling, applying bath sealant and painting and decorating.

Managing director of the company Selwyn Fernandes advised people to remain practical about what they can and can’t achieve. “Be realistic about whether you have the skills and the time to undertake such a task and to take all the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your property or injuring yourselves,” he remarked.

You could end up having to fork out a lot more money by attempting DIY at home if it does go wrong than if you had just called out a professional team of people in the first place.

And you might well think that you can learn anything from online videos but these are very often produced by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, so they make it look really easy and achievable. It’s definitely best to call in the experts before having a go yourself, particularly if the job involves plumbing or electrical work.