12 Feb 2016

Buying a property is a big decision and not one to be rushed into lightly, yet many in the UK appear to be doing just that, with new figures suggesting that ten per cent actually regret buying their house and 57 per cent dislike their properties.

According to Ocean Finance, 28 per cent admitted that they believed they had rushed into it, 20 per cent said they don’t like their neighbours, 12 per cent state that it needs more work than they realised and 16 per cent said it’s just not big enough.

“The key lesson from our survey is to spend more time choosing a house before you buy. Getting to know the area and the neighbours before committing is really important, as is making an honest assessment about the amount of work that the property needs,” Ocean Finance spokesman Ian Williams remarked.

Of course, if you really don’t like your house you can always get the best painter and decorators Manchester has available around to come and help you change the décor, which can make a huge difference to the feel of your home.

They’ll have tonnes of experience and will be able to advise you on what would look best and what types of materials to invest in. Have a look online as well – there is a wealth of resources available to anyone doing up their house, whether you want DIY tips or ideas on what projects to actually take on. Just make sure you get some professional advice before you begin.